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We provide all kind of tourist services. Airport Transfers, Bike, Tuk Tuk & car rental service, different type tour packages, flight ticket bookings, hotel reservations and many more

Tuk Tuk Rent

$13 Per Day
  • Now you can rent a tuk tuk in Sri Lanka at cheap price

    We offer Tuk Tuk rent in Sri Lanka and best tuk tuk tour packages in Sri Lanka

  • Price Per day

    Without Drive   -  $13
    With Driver      -   $26

  • We offer discounts for long term rentals please contact us for more details
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Car Rent

$20 Per Day
  • We offer car rent for cheap price in Sri Lanka. We have wide range of cars. The cars are from budget cars to luxury cars.

  • Price per day

    Suzuki Alto 800          -   $20
    Suzuki Wagon R          -   $20
    Toyota Alion                -   $30

  • We offer discounts for long term rentals please contact us for more details
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Airport Taxi Service

Sri lanka Holiday Homes & Tours offer airport taxi service around the Sri Lanka. We can offer our services according to your requirements and taxi cost depend on your destination. We are the cheapest airport taxi service in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka Airport Taxi Fares For Popular Destinations

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Commissions FREE Reservations

Now you can make a hotel reservations without paying any commissions for booking websites (EX: Airbnb, Tripadvisor etc...). Then you can save a lot of money by not paying commission.

We provide this service 100% free for travellers and we think it is help to develop tourism industry in Sri Lanka

What is reservation fees ?

Normally booking websites get some commission for every reservations. The normal commission rate is 5% to 15% .
(EX:- The Airbnb get 13% commission for every reservation from travellers. This rate is depend on location and date)

If you use our "Commissions FREE Reservations" service, you can save big money and then you can use this this money and enjoy during the vacation

How to work Commissions FREE Reservations service ?

1. Firstly select your villa,hotel or house using booking web sites.

2. Then fill the below form and send it to us or contact us by email.

3. Then we will contact you within few hours and give you a next steps via email

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About Us

Sri Lanka Holiday Homes is a hospitality service marketplace in Sri Lanka. We provide all kind of hospitality services for tourists. We provide Accommodation facilities, Tour services, Airport taxi services, Tuk Tuk / Car / Bike rental services and all kind of other tourist services.

We provide accommodation facilities around the Sri Lanka. lot of Hotels, Luxury Villas, Houses, Apartments, Budget houses and hostels are in our network. So you can find accommodation facilities according to your needs.

We provide cheap and safe tour services and airport taxi services around the Sri Lanka. Our all tour packages are specially design for your requirements. So you can enjoy your Sri Lanka tour very well with us.

We provide Tuk Tuk rental service around the Sri Lanka. We have few years experience in Tuk Tuk rental and arrange Tuk Tuk tours to arround the Sri Lanka. So we are one of the best tuk tuk rental companies in Sri Lanka. We invite you to be happy during your Sri Lanka tour

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